We are very strong in riveting tooling, parts and repair. In fact we
have the largest inventory of Pop Riveter Tool parts and tools west
of the Mississippi. This is why we can offer same day shipping out of
our warehouse. This is why we can repair your tool in three days or
less. We also carry the Rivet King line and offer complete off the
shelf tool and parts sales and service.
Trailer Body/Truck Body Tooling and Tool Accessories. The Most Complete Line of
Trailer Body Tools in the USA. We provide the best tools for getting your job done
right with profit.
Shop efficiency and productivity is how we assist you to get the competitive edge. To do this
we will offer the best tools and the best tool accessories that are available at an affordable
price to do the job at hand. Availability at your supplier must be immediate. We have same day
off the shelf delivery that caters to the trailer body industry. We repair what we sell.
Air Tool Parts are in stock at Three Day Tool. After a tool purchase, service is important
and will keep your tool going long term. You repair or we repair, our parts service is immediate.
Ask about our "Parts in Time" just for you parts inventory program that will put the parts
that you need at your finger tips. We will supply you with the parts for the tools that we sell,
that includes parts for Pop Riveting, Rivet King, Blue Pneumatic Riv-Nut , TC Service (Top Cat),
Three Day Tool floor drill, bottom rail rivet clamp, top rail rivet squeezer Wespro drills,
Three Day Tool 1" impact wrench, Sioux, and IR tools and part.
Air Grinders is a specialty product area for Three Day Tool. We supple Heavy Duty
Industrial quality grinders at a competitive price and support them with complete parts and repair.
Grinding is a specialty field and requires special attention to keep your costs down. Many
grinders are in a constant use heavy duty production environment. This requires a heavy
duty tool and good parts availability. This is why we service and sell T C Service - Top
Cat and Wespro industrial quality grinders.
Air Hose Coupler, Plugs and Fittings - Industrial Quality
The quality and condition of your air line is very important and can cost you big dollars
if your air hose is leaking or you have dirty, wet, air going into your air tools. This is
why we offer only quality couplers, plugs, filters and regulators. We offer Amflo and Dixon
product because they have a proven quality product.
Air Tool Accessories - A Complete Line of Tool Accessories will give you the proper
quality accessory to go with each tool and will save you time and money.
Rivet Sets - Trailer Body • Chisels and Punches - Zip Gun • Apex Torx and Drive Bits • Drill Bits - Countersinks - Reamers • Drill Chucks and Keys • Cleco Fasteners • Cut off wheels and Arbors •
Kett Air Tools and Accessories • Vise Grips • Pony Clamps

Our Accessories are Industrial high quality, great value and most are Made in the USA.
We stock most items that are on our web site. We cater to the Trailer Body, Truck Body,
Sheet Metal and Metal Working Industries. We inventory a large assortment of rivet sets
including many specialty sets. We offer chisels and punches made by Apex. Our drive bits
are made by Apex and our twist drills are made by Precision Dormer.

Air Tool Repair : We repair air tools! Three Day Tool Guarantees air tool repair in Three Days or Less on the following tools:

714 Chicago Pneumatic Rivet Hammer • 717 Chicago Pneumatic Rivet Gun • 789R Chicago Pneumatic 3/8 Drill • 486-2300 Crown Air Floor Drill • 2135 Ingersoll Rand Air Impact  • PRG 510 Pop Rivet Gun  • PRG 540 Pop Riveter • 486-2200 Three Day Tool Floor Drill • 495-0510 Three Day Tool Floor Drill • 50-9502X Three Day Tool Air Rivet Tool • 50-95040 Three Day Tool Air Rivet Tool • 50-95070 Three Day Tool Rivet Buster • 270 Sioux Pneumatic Rivet Hammer • 485-SDR10P Sioux Air Drill 3/8 • 40 GL Top Cat Die Grinder • 66VL TC Tools Air Grinder

Tool Accessories : Ajax Chisels, Ajax rivet cutters, Couplers air line, Screwdriver bits, Rivet Sets, Brazier Sets, Abrasive Resin Fiber Discs, Jet Abrasives, Abrasive Grinding Wheels, Pearl Abrasives, Falcon Cut-off Wheels, Milwaukee Hole Saws, Sawzall Blades, Jacobs Chucks.